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to fix our streets, roads, and protect us, but they don't need to protect people from their jobs. >> three cheers for her. you at home who understand it's freedom, not central planning that gives us better lives, that's our show. thanks for watching, i'm john stossel. ♪ >>. >> gregg: fox news alert. another bombshell rocking the n.f.l. dallas cowboys player josh brent under arrest facing intoxication manslaughter charges after a car crash in texas that killed his teammate. they say he was speeding when his vehicle flipped over and hit a curb and inside, jerry brown
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was found unresponsive and pronounced dead at nearby hospital. we are awaiting a news conference from a police department in texas. we're keeping a close eye on it and bring you any developments as soon as they happen. another fox news alert. a major take down in the fight against the war on terror. the alleged ring leader of an al-qaeda linked group suspected taking part in the september 11th assault in benghazi now in custody. egyptian authorities busting him in cairo and getting assistance from u.s. intelligence agencies. hello, i'm gregg jarrett. >> heather: i'm had heather childers. welcome to a brand-new hour. the suspect has been identified as this man, mohammad jamal amad he was in the process of trying to launch a new affiliated of al-qaeda in egypt, but the focus so his links to the brool attack
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that killed four americans including our ambassador to libya, christopher stevens. molly henneberg is live in washington. >> molly: he is is a leader in the terror world. he is ambitious. he is very dangerous and now egyptian authorities aided u.s. intelligence have him. they have been tracking for months according to the "wall street journal" and interested in him intensified as some of the followers participated in the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. he was captured within the past week but we don't have many details had in how he was detained. they have not been able to interrogated him yet. he is a former egyptian jihad member. he was released from an egyptian prison in march of 2011. he is now leader of the jamal network and setting up training camps in libya and egypt with financial help from al-qaeda and
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yemen and trying to set up al-qaeda in egypt. hillary clinton will be heading to capitol hill. an independent review board should have its work done soon and secretary clinton will testify after that. >> i have been in conversations with department of stated. there is indications this will happen as soon as the report is complete which is expected to be done in the next days or weeks. we have every expectation she will testify, she will do so in an open setting and that perhaps the leaders of the report, the lead investigators may be testifying before in a closed setting. >> molly: democratic senator john kerry, chairman of the senate foreign relations committee says secretary clinton will appear before that panel. >> heather: molly henneberg, reporting live in washington.
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>> gregg: another story from the middle east, an ominous threat from the egypt's military as the violence there escalates. leaders warning of, quote, disastrous consequences if talks between lawmakers don't progress and the demonstrations continued. this coming after protestors surrounded the presidential palace and broke through the military's barricade. president morsi attempts at talks failed this morning when few lawmakers attended and some of those actually walked out shortly after they begin. conor is live. >> political crisis in egypt continues to grow and last night it got violent as they breached the walls of the presidential palace. today was calm but preparing for more violence. egyptian military put up barriers around the presidential palace from concrete walls to putting up more barbed wire.
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the egyptian military appears to be taking up the role of mediator in the conflict. in a statement it warned of disastrous consequences if the crisis is not resolved. it is urging dialogue to avoid, quote, a dark tunnel. mohammed morsi has called for a day of dialogue but opposition groups rejected talks today. they walked out of meetings. the ones that bothered to show up. many didn't appear for the discussions. the egyptian opposition is demanding that a draft resolution on the constitution that is supposed to be voted on december 15th, they are demanding that vote be postponed indefinitely. they say the drafted constitution is too islamic and anti-democratic. late last night a member of the muslim brotherhood hinted as a compromise but as of right now, the rare hinted of compromise hasn't produced anything of substance. two sides still disagree over
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the vote and about the future of the constitution and the government. >> gregg: conner, thanks. >> with all of this going on. america is certainly sending egypt plenty of money. they get the most foreign aid of any country except for israel. an assistant for egypt has averaged $2 billion a year and military aide has held steady at about $1.3 billion since 1987. >> gregg: turning to syria where a former officer of assad's military is leading a new unified rebel force. several groups agreeing to come together to battle the regime. it comes as britain's foreign secretary warns syria of using chemical weapons. the u.k. has contingent plans necessary if they launch a
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chemical attack with potential catastrophic consequences looming, what can be done to turn the situation around. steven yates will be with us just ahead. >> heather: north korea says it is preparation for a controversial rocket launch. big question now -- when? the rocket is on the launch pad and north korean leaders said the launch window would open monday but they are seriously considering readjusting the timing. united nations and others are condemning the launch saying it is a test of technology from missiles capable of reaching the u.s.. >> gregg: negotiations to avoid going over the so-called fiscal cliff draging on and on with little to show for it. in a weekly address, president obama saying he will not budge on his call to raise taxes on the wealthy. >> if we are serious about protecting middle-class families
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we're going ask the wealthiest americans to pay higher tax rates. that is one principle i won't compromise on. >> gregg: republicans sticking to their guns saying raising taxes is not the answer. here is florida senator marco rubio giving the g.o.p. weekly address. >> we must get the national debt under control. tax increases will not solve our $16 trillion debt. only economic growth and reform and entitlement programs will help the debt. >> gregg: time is running out. they have to go into effect january 1st is a budget deal is not reached before then but going over the cliff will it be that bad and rein in the spending and protect our children's future. let's talk about it with jamie weinstein, senior editor of daily caller. first. i looked it up the third debate president obama boldly promised, i'll quote him, sequestration
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will not happen. couple days later in an interview he said, i'll wash john boehner's car and walk mitch mcconnell's dog to get a deal done. at this point, does it seem like empty promises? >> we don't know yet. certainly the type of negotiation would you expect is not happening. both sides have put out deals that were rejected from the other side. so we don't know where this is going, perhaps speaker boehner and the president have a secret deal they will put out in the last minute. >> gregg: the president repeatedly told campaign audiences that we have to combine spending cuts with any revenue. then he comes out with his plan and actually proposes tens of billions in new stimulus and net
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increase in spending. as consequence, are there folks on the hill that are convinced this is evidence that she not interested in finding a two-party solution? >> not only that. you have the republican plan that they put out on the table which basically based oner skin bowls suggestion. he was the chief of o staff to president clinton. so it's not just a right wing proposition it was a balanced proposition coming from a democrat. >> gregg: some are taking this a step further. in his column today. rich lowery says, the president mostly cares about humiliating republicans even if it means going over the cliff. your reaction? >> we'll see what happens. i'm still skeptical. i will say he is very successful
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in doing, when you look at the media framing this exactly how the white house wants it to be framed. but stopping tax cuts on the rich -- but the real problem is entitlement reform which is not being addressed whatsoever. it's not $16 trillion in debt, $80 trillion in unfunded liabilities from entitlement programs that are going to be going out over the next decade that no one seems to be discussing. >> gregg: president promisedentt term in office. he made that promise days before he took the oath of office. look, to our principal question here, are there republicans on the hill who think that going over the cliff actually would help get america's financial house in order. sure, painful in the near term, but healthierconomically in the long run and it would force the president to engage in the
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kind of spending cuts that he didn't really seem to want. >> there is certainly conservatives who believe that. my boss wrote an op-ed urging the g.o.p. to go off the cliff, one there might be pain in the short term, it might be beneficial in the long term. they also had some other arguments there. there is reason to be cautious. there could be great risks to going off the cliff especially to the military. defense department said the cuts to the defend would be catastrophic. they could be lying, but at a time of war over seas, i wouldn't take that bet. >> gregg: the president campaigned on $800 billion in tax hikes and then once re-elected he doubled it. even if he gets that higher amount, we did some calculations, that is only going to pay for about 16 days of government spending.
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aren't taxes insignificant compared to entitlement reform which you and i were talking about, president obama promised he would tackle it in his first term? >> entitlement vessel basically everything which is another reason going off the cliff in the long term is not going to be that beneficial. there is nothing in the peelts for going off the cliff that address our long term entitlement problems. you still have that problem. >> gregg: i apologize you. we have breaking news we have to get to. jamie weinstein, thanks. >> heather: news conference going on in irving, texas where the police department is talking about a car accident that has left one dallas cowboys teammate dead and another behind bars. let's listen. >> okay. the irving police department is
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investigating a single fatality accident involving two dallas cowboy football players. at approximately 2:21 this morning, joshua brent was traveling westbound in the 1400 block of the north service road of state highway 114. it appeared as if he was traveling at a high rate of speed at which time touched or impacted the outside curb of the service road causing his vehicle to flip at least one time. the vehicle came to rest on the top once it slid back into the roadway and came to rest in the center of the service road. when our officers got there, they made contact with more price brent who was responsive and talking to the officers. he was standing outside the vehicle. he was determined to be the driver of that vehicle. our officers also located larry
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brown, jr. who was lying on the ground. he was unresponsive. he was transported to an area hospital where he was later pronounced deceased. our officers felt that alcohol was a contributing factor too in the accident so price brent was asked to perform sobriety tests. after he performed those and based on those performance along with our officers' observations and the conversations they had with him he was placed under arrest for driving while intoxicated. now, once our officers learned that more brown had passed away, then more mr. brent was under arrest for intoxication manslaughter. he was taken to a hospital for a mandatory blood draw which is standard for cases like this. he was transported to jail where he was booked for one count of
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intoxication manslaughter which is second degree felony. at this point he still remains in custody at the police department here. again, we in the initial stages of the investigation so there are a lot of questions that our investigators are still working to answer. i am limited in some of the information that i can provide to you. also, too, we're asking if anyone was on the service road in the public and saw what happened, contact irving police department. i'll go ahead and answer what questions i can. >> was he drunk or taken out by brent? >> our initial investigation when officers arrived on the scene mr. brent was dragging mr. brown from the vehicle. i should point out that the vehicle catch on fire. it wasn't a large fire. it wasn't fully engulfed but
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that fire was put out by our officers on the scene. it's a 2007 mercedes. i don't know the model or other information. >> he was transported or was he dead on the scene? >> he was transported to the hospital and pronounced deceased at the hospital. >> do you know where they were coming from when all this happened? >> no, i don't. those are questions that you are investigators ultimately will find answers to. >> how did you find about this, 911? >> it's my understanding we did receive 911 phone calls. >> no other witnesses on the scene? >> there were people on the scene, however, it's our understanding no one saw what took place. they drove up after the crash took place. >> those were calls or no calls from more brown mr. brown. we haven't had an opportunity to
1:18 pm
listen on to all the 911 calls or how many there are, but it's my understanding the people that arrived had already taken place. >> did the officers describe mr. brent's emotional state when they arrived on the scene? >>, no they did not. >> did he get treated at all? >> more brent went to the hospital. he may have received some minor scrapes. my understanding of that but as far as being at the hospital he was transported for the hospital for the blood draw. >> how long does it take for the results to come back? >> we don't know those. and it takes a couple weeks before we get the official blood results back. >> you said he was -- what was he like? >> i don't know exactly. his mannerisms other than our investigators were able to determine that on the symptoms
1:19 pm
they felt that alcohol was a factor. that is when they moved in to a d.u.i. investigation. >> they were partying in a club. do you know where they had been? >> i do not. our investigators are still in the initial stages, hit-and-run investigators and d.u.i. investigators take some time and go back and trace the steps. it could take some time. i do not know that. >> gregg: breaking news, sad news, involving the dallas cowboys. one teammate jerry brown is dead. 25 years old. his teammate josh brent behind bars accused now of manslaughter in a terrible traffic accident that happened shortly after 2:00 a.m. this morning. we do have a statement from jerry jones the owner of the dallas cowboys. we are deeply saddened by the news of this accident and the
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passing of jerry brown. our hearts and prayers and deepest sympathies of jerry's family and all those that knew him and loved him. we'll be right back. can i help you? i heard you guys can ship ground for less than the ups store. that's right. i've learned the only way to get a holiday deal is to camp out. you know we've been open all night. is this a trick to get my spot? [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. save on ground shipping at fedex office. is efficiently absorbed in small continuous amounts. citracal slow release continuously releases calcium plus d with efficient absorption in one daily dose. citracal slow release.
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>> heather: video for the hit video gangnam style is most views on youtube. but he finds himself in an international controversy. the korean pop singer after reports surfaced about anti-american songs that he performed in the past. dominic live in los angeles, not a lot of people laughing about this, right? >> certainly not. fans furious over the south korean and anti-american performances. how we have missed this all this time. his he talked about killing yankees that tortured iraqi captives. they were describing u.s.
1:25 pm
troops. he went on to say that the soldiers' families should be killed slowly are and painfully. he smashed a model of a u.s. tank in protest. entertainment industry telling fox news that we've all been distracted by the dancing and the gangnam style and he has to make up for his offensive performances. take a listen what one expect had to say. >> one way for him to change. that would be to give him a chunk, a big chunk of money to disabled veterans society or similar organization at least that would change the conversation and would show how much me meant it. the guy has made $8 million with this silly song. a lot of people are jealous of his success. >> $8 million would easily help our wounded warriors.
1:26 pm
he release an apology and they said it was deeply emotional reaction to the war in iraq. he begged for the military and american public forgive him. a reporter tweeted out a short while ago, despite the backlash, white house is going to have him in appearance on the 21st6 december. quite incredible how much offense he has caused but free speech and all of that. back to you. >> heather: thank you very much. we appreciate it. what do you think. >> gregg: alan simpson does a better version of that. >> heather: i want to see your version before the show is over. >> i'm going to sing shebang in honor of william hung, third season of american idol. it is a rule of life sometimes you have to adjust after hurricane sandy damaged thousands of homes.
1:27 pm
victims are copying or some of the volunteers. we're going to show you where. >> heather: plus there it is no ordinary stroll in the park. not at all. it's been 40 years since someone set foot on another world. the last new moon walker sits down with us. >> i was strolling on the moon one day ♪ in the merry, merry month of may ♪ ♪ when much to my surprise ♪ a pair of burning eyes it's a need way to travel. ent e, like ourender snow crab paired with savory garlic shrimp. just $12.99. come into red lobster and sea food differently. and introducing 7 lunch choices for just $7.99.
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da-da-definitive. over the hill. hippity-hop. i have to tell you. falcon 109. >> heather: it has been 40 years since that historic scene. the final nasa mission sending a man to walk on the moon. last person to do that. he is the commander of a apollo 17 and the last ever made on the moon's surface leaving a special legacy for america's space program. joining us live. captain eugene cernan and last man to walk on the moon. i can't tell you how excited i was to talk to you today. thank you for joining us. >> you are welcome heather. you might have guessed i had no requests for auditions.
1:33 pm
>> heather: did you plan ahead what you were going sing and what you were going to do? >> no, we didn't. we plan ahead all we're going to from a scientific, but everything else you heard from most of these missions, your reaction to the environment and reaction to things. even things that were said when we left the moon, they come to you because of what you are confronted with. >> heather: explain to us. take us all back there that moment when you first stepped foot on the to the moon surface. what did you see and what did it feel like? >> well, heather, my first step was mine. no matter what a lot of people want to believe, it can never be taken away from me. the fact of life there were other people who stepped, made their first steps on the moon before i did.
1:34 pm
the one i remember most, more nostalgic step because it was the last flight for far too long in the future was my last steps. i stepped off the surface and onto the ladder and i looked back down on my last steps and i knew i wasn't coming this way again. it wouldn't be me. with the bright earth shining upon me, that is whole another story. it's a very moving experience to be there and look at your identity with reality. we're everything to understand, family love, feelings are all back there. i wanted to understand and i hope you can understand what i'm trying to say. the meaning what we had done and where we had been, not just me. not just apollo 17 but going
1:35 pm
back to alan shepard we were challenged to do something most people thought could not be done. we lived and worked, just didn't exist, call the moon another planet. another planet in this universe. this is something i would only expect people have dreamed of doing for eons and years. we did it. what did it mean? what did my steps on the moon mean to future generations, that is important thing. >> heather: answer that for us. i put this question out to people on twitter. you didn't have twitter back when you landed on the moon. i would imagine you would have been doing live tweeting. people wanted to know that. what does it mean for those of us who will never be an astronaut and never be able to take that trip. what did your trip mean for us
1:36 pm
and for the future of space exploration? >> well, for the future i've always felt that apollo 17 was not the end but truly the beginning of a whole new era in the history of mankind. we sort of knocked the door open and left it open for future generations to walk through. they, indeed, will do that if we inspire them like we were inspired to reach out a little bit further than man has reached before. i can't really answer your question as to entirely what it means to future generations. we've got to figure that out as time goes on. i left, when i left the moon i left somewhat unsatisfied. i didn't have an answer. i knew i had been where no human being had been before. what i had seen in the valley and lived in and called my home had never been seen by human eyes in history of mankind.
1:37 pm
people ask me how long will those steps be there. how long will the flag be there? how long will my daughter's initials i put in the soil of the moon? my answer is, forever, however long it is. that is something we don't understand. i'm just hoping we give future generations the same opportunity and give them the shoulders that we stood upon, shoulders of nation that were challenged to do something and did it. that is what the big difference is. that is why, heather, your generation, we got two full generations even weren't born or were in diapers when we were in the moon. before we leave this earth permanently, i think we have a responsibility for those that went have a responsibility to answer the questions you are asking to share with those
1:38 pm
generations who are now as old as 50 as to what it meant to the country. it's not so much what we did but if you look back at a period of time when j.f.k. challenged to us go to a moon this was the terrible '60s, civil unrest, a unpopular war we were getting involved in. yet the president at that time had the vision to make a bold challenge to the american people certainly none like in my entire lifetime. we need to acquainted generations out there today as to what it meant to this country some half a century ago. >> heather: absolutely. have that bold vision to set that goal and accomplish that tack for america. thank you so much. we really, really appreciate you joining us. >> god bless. pleasure to be here with you. >> heather: make sure to tune in
1:39 pm
for the fox news special "fly me to the moon," marking the moon walk. neil cavuto met with the heros that risked everything to venture into the unknown. never before heard stories airing tomorrow, right here only on the fox news channel. we'll be right back. >> i was strolling on the moon one day ♪ ♪ in a merry, merry month of may ♪ when much to my surprise ♪ a pair of eyes ♪. >> that is neat way to travel. that's double miles you can actually use... sadly, their brother's white christmas just got "blacked out." [ brother ] but it's the family party! really jingles your bells, doesn't it? my gift to you! the capital one venture card! for any flight, any time! that's double miles
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of adt starting at just $99 and save $300. with adt, you get 24/7 fast response monitoring that helps protect you from burglary, fire, and high levels of carbon monoxide. plus remote access to your home. even control your thermostat to help save energy and money. get adt installed starting at just $99. that's a $300 savings. you may even save up to 20% on your homeowners insurance. for everything that matters most. adt. always there. >>. >> gregg: we're following breaking news out of texas, a new tragedy rocking the n.f.l., dallas cowboys defensive lineman josh brent under arrest facing intoxication manslaughter charges after a car crash that killed his teammate, police say
1:44 pm
the 24-year-old was speeding when his vehicle hit a curve and then flipped over inside 25-year-old jerry brown, a might be of the team's practice squad. he was found unresponsive and pronounced dead at a nearby hospital. >> when our officers got there, they made contact with mr. brent who was responsive. he was standing outside the vehicle. he was determined to be the driver of that vehicle. our officers also located larry brown, jr. who was lying on the ground and he was unresponse identify. he was transported to an area hospital where he was later pronounced deceased. >> gregg: no word so far from the dallas cowboys. much more to come on this developing story. >> heather: to brand-new jobs numbers out for november. the jobless rate is now down to
1:45 pm
7.7%. that is lowest rated in four years. but the labor department reports a drop in the size of work force as a whole reporting 350,000 people have just given up looking for work all together. patricia powell is counder and ceo of powell financial group. joins us to talk about these numbers. you know, the lowest rate, 7.7% in four months. so that should be good news? >> it should be good news. it really is not. how you got to that number, 350,000 people that dropped out, they don't count anymore. we have been dropping people out of the labor force for a year. the participation in this work force has been going down for the entire year. it may not sound like much but it's a huge number when you come out with it each month. we are down 56% population of
1:46 pm
the work force, a year ago this was 64%. this is not how recovery should work. >> heather: that is the lowest point in four years. these numbers perhaps will be adjusted because the last two months have been adjusted? >> absolutely. they definitely will be adjusted. they almost always are. last two months adjusted downward. remember with the big brouhaha with jack welsh questioning the numbers. he may have been right. numbers were too high. >> heather: so super storm sandy caused $60 billion in damage and how it would affect the job numbers. >> i'm not too surprised. when you think about it. my stated, new jersey it's been terrible but we were down two weeks. that is not enough. most employers like myself continue to pay people even though nobody could come to work. when they get to work and they got their paychecks so they
1:47 pm
never hit the unemployment numbers. rebuilding should help. >> heather: and facing this fiscal cliff, based on these job numbers, where do we need to be in order to serve that? >> we are not going into this fiscal cliff from a position of strength. there is no doubt, if we cliff dive on this we're going to have a high unemployment a lot of people will be laid off because of the spending cuts and tax increases. >> heather: and we are facing tax increases. >> absolutely. >> heather: thank you. >> gregg: new chaos unfolding in the middle east as egypt's military threatens the protestors there. syria preparing to unleash chemical weapons and people are scared seen here running for their lives to prevent two catastrophes from getting a whole lot worse. staechb yates will be with us next. [ male announcer ] red lobster's crabfest ends soon.
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>>. >> gregg: there are new fears that the crisis in egypt is about to get worse. egyptian military threatening, quote, disastrous consequences if violent protests do not end. president morsi's attempts at talks failed. in the meantime.
1:52 pm
nearby syria, world awaits president assad's next move after intelligence reports suggests that he is preparing to unleash chemical weapons on its own people. what can the world do? steven yates joins us former deputy assistant to vice president dick cheney. good to see you. it was morsi who actually wrestled power away from the egyptian military after the election. now, it seems that the military is coming to morsi's aid. is the ones powerful army there tried to reassert itself to gain control? what do you think happens? >> i think only time will tell for sure as this plays out. the military is one of the only institutions left in egypt to be a balance against morsi's grab for complete power in directing the future of the countries. his recent proposals have pushed
1:53 pm
a rash constitutional change forward. the people have protested, but they don't have institutional means to balance against his move. so the military is either going to endorse and ratify what he does or they are last remaining to check his power. >> gregg: what should the united states do if anything at all? >> i think at the very least, it's late in the game, we need to make clear that no further aid is going to egypt until sorted out appropriately. we shouldn't be sending aid on the promise that the constitutional changes will move forward acceptable to u.s. interests. so the military needs to deliver on that or that aid should be held back. >> gregg: morsi granted himself powers including islamist ally. what are the chances he will back down, rescind the decrease? >> i think it's limited chances that he will pull back.
1:54 pm
the muslim brotherhood has to have one or two views. they recognize they are trying to impose a majority of egyptians would not accept. they need to seize this historic moment that comes once that century to impose their will, or they interpret themselves is as having vast power, we might as well push now. >> gregg: let me tuner t turn to syria. assad's regime is mixing chemical weapons and loading them on to bombs. president obama originally said that any evidence that assad is preparing chemical weapons crosses a red line triggering western action against him. now, the administration seems to be backing off and they are warning that using weapons will be the red line. won't that be too late? >> yes, it will.
1:55 pm
frankly it's part of a pattern that is very disappointing. it would be enough to distract and feed the attention of top leadership but this syrian situation, president called for assad to go before he had any plan in place to shape that process or the outcome. two years into a conflict we've known the chemical weapons were there. we don't have acceptable options. you are looking at air strikes as an act of war we have sought to avoid thus far as perhaps the most feasible option should they be deployed. >> gregg: once these weapons or loaded, they could be given to terrorists? >> proliferation is always dangerous, all these places we are dealing with the world's most dangerous weapons. their ability to deploy these things and put them on missiles
1:56 pm
and hit targets is bit down the road but proliferation is a grave risk in this. >> gregg: steven yates, thank you very much. >> heather: coming up major developments in the wake of the benghazi terror attack, new suspect linked to the deadly assault, we'll have a live report up next. why let constipation slow you down?
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hello, everyone. inside america's news headquarters. >> and topping the news this hour, a major -- or a possible break in the investigation into the libya terror attacks. an alleged terrorist busted in egypt. did he organize the attack? and he is also said to be the ringleader of an al-qaeda-linked group. we will have details on his take down. >> and we now have a picture of the british nurse duped in a hoax involving the duchess of cambridge who tragically is believed to have taken her own life. >> and saying sorry. a south korean rapper became an internet sensation, and now he is apologizing for a tirade against the u.s. just days before he is scheduled to sing for the president. but we begin with breaking developments on a tragic crash involving two envelope players. dallas cowboys' josh brent
2:01 pm
under arrest after a car accident that killed teammate jerry brown. brown was found unresponsive and rushed to the hospital. that's where he was row nounsed dead. was pronounced dead. dominic has the latest. >> jerry brown was a 25-year-old practice squad line backer. he was killed in the single car incident around 2:20 in the morning. this was in the dallas suburb of irving. his teammate josh brent was the driver and the only other person in the vehicle at the time. a short while ago irving police department described how the accident unfolded. take a listen. >> it appears as if he was traveling at a high rate of speed at which time his vehicle touched or impacted the outside curb of the service road causing his vehicle to flip at least one time. the vehicle ultimately came to rest on its top once it slid back into the roadway and came to rest in the center of the service road. >> irving pd says brown seen
2:02 pm
here during his college days was found unresponsive at the scene and then pronounced dead at a hospital. it is understood the pair had been drinking at a swra's club , but the police couldn't confirm that. take a listen. >> our officers on scene felt as if alcohol was a contributing factor in the accident. mr. price brent was asked to perform some field sobriety tests. after he performed the field sobriety tests and based on his performance in the test along with officers' observation and the conversations they had with him he was placed under arrest for driving while intoxicated. >> in a statement released by the dallas cowboys jerry jones says we are deeply saddened by the news of this accident and the passing of jerry brown. our prayers and sympathies are with the members of jerry's family and all of those who knew him and loved him. brent was not on the team
2:03 pm
flight to cinncinati where the cowboys play the bengals on sunday. he has played in all 12 games this season. he has been a bigger presence on the defense. one livenedded and probably one career as well. heather back to you. >> they just signed brown to the practice squad back on october 24th. he hadn't been there long. kansas city police releasing dramatic new dash cam video from a police cruiser showing an officer approaching kansas city's arrow head stadium just moments before joe -- jovan belcher and listen to the officer as he spots belcher. >> all sirens immediately. i have a citing from the far. they are in negotiations and trying to get him down. i need a rifle asap. >> hours earlier belcher shot and killed his girlfriend. the chiefs star then drove to the stadium where he shot himself in the parking lot as officers arrived on scene.
2:04 pm
>> a major break in the investigation into the terror attack in benghazi, libya. egyptian authorities reportedly arresting the alleged ringleader in the deadly attack who is also suspected it of forming a new wing or trying to form a new wing of al-qaeda. he was captured in cairo with u.s. intelligence officials playing a role. the take down is coming nearly three months after the attack that killed four americans including u.s. ambassador chris stevens. molly is live with those details. molly? >> heather, u.s. officials have not had a chance to interrogate him, but they have been tracking this guy for months. egyptian authorities aided by u.s. intelligence arrested him in the past week or so according to the "wall street journal." he is about 45 years old and he is the leader of a group that took part in the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in libya on september 11th. ahmad appears to be an
2:05 pm
ambitious terror leader with big plans for his group. here is what we know, he is a former egyptian jihad member and released from prison in march of 2011 during the arab spring. he is now the leader of the jamal net york and setting up terror training camps in libya and egypt with financial help from al-qaeda in yemen. he was trying to set up al-qaeda in egypt. some of his followers were part of the assault on her consulate. the arrest indicates perhaps the new muslim brotherhood-lead government iny gift may be willing to assist the u.s. in going after islamic terrorists. meanwhile seskt state hillary clinton agreed to testify before house and senate panels investigating the benghazi attack and the one bough ma administration's reaction to it. an independent review board should have its report done soon and secretary clinton will testify after that. according to senator john kerry, the senate reformation committee. and one more note, a u.s. drone took down another
2:06 pm
al-qaeda leader. pakistani tribal sources says a senior al-qaeda commander had just arrived in pakistan a couple days ago. and a u.s. drone strike took him out. he had risen in the al-qaeda ranks to become one of the most powerful figures. heather? >> holly live from washington this evening. thank you very much, molly. as molly just reported secretary of state hillary clinton is getting ready to report about the benghazi attack. we will look at the possible legal controversy shaping up later in the show with judge janeen shapiro. night fall in egypt and tensions are high after tens of thousands of demonstrators stormed the palace in cairo yesterday denouncing president mohamed morsi's controversial power grab. you can see egypt's military reinforced a wall protecting the compound from the huge crowd there.
2:07 pm
yesterday angry protesters broke through barbed wire barricades, many spraying graw fooy tee on the walls telling morsi to go and leave power. president morsi held talks today to discuss ways to end the crisis. hunter powell is live in our middle east bureau in jerusalem with more. connor? >> greg, this political crisis in egypt is intensifying, and it is now in its third week. the egyptian military is warning of disasters and consequences if some type of resolution is not produced in the next few days and weeks. >> violence escalated as they stormed the walls of the presidential palace. and fearing more violence in the coming days, the egyptian military is now reinforcing the walls and the barriers around the palace. they put up concrete walls. they are placing tanks around the presidential palace.
2:08 pm
egyptian president mohamed morsi has called for talks with the opposition. the opposition though rejected the talks today. a few did show up, and they mostly left early from those talks. so far dialogue is going no where. the egyptian population is supposed to vote in the next week or so in a draft constitution. the opposition says the draft constitution is anti-democratic. they say it is too islamic and they want morsi to give up of the some of the powers he took for himself last month. he is not willing to do that before the vote, and there is some hint of a compromise in the works. but so far the compromise and the process will continue in the days and weeks and it will turn violent yet again, greg. >> connor powell is live in our middle east bureau in jerusalem. >> new developments in the planned launch of a long-range
2:09 pm
rocket in north korea. this is the staging area. there are reports that the nuclear armed regime could fire the rocket as soon as monday. but north korea's state controlled media is now saying that scientists are looking at adjusting the time frame. meantime the u.s. is moving warships closer to the region to monitor the launch. north korea says it is trying to put a satellite into orbit, but the u.s. says it is a cover protesting ballistic missal technology. winter storm warning and watches in affect from the rockies across the plains to the great lakes. maria is live with the forecast. hi, maria. joy hi, great to see you. we have a number of winter weather advisories and warnings and watches and even some blizzard warnings in affect across the portions of the northern plains and that's thanks to a shift in the pattern we have been seeing across the western areas.
2:10 pm
we have cold air that has been in place across canada. it has been across the country, but a big shift will start to occur this weekend and much colder air will sink southward impacting the plains and the upper midwest. with the changing pattern we will see winter weather. we will have snowfall falling and already occurring across the rockies and into the northern plains and a number of advisories. here is a look at where we have the blizzard warnings. this is where we will talk about some of the worst conditions winter weather wise. a winter storm warning in this region as well. we could see 10 inches of snow and they are talking about whiteout conditions across the region. be safe, everyone. and here is a look fe snow accumulation. widespread amounts of anywhere from 3 to 6 inches.
2:11 pm
it is west of the city of denver. the key resorts out here are happy about the snowfall. we have been talking about a snow deficit over the last several weeks. look at some of these departures ahead of the storm system. still very mild. in the 70s in little rock and the 50sin columbus ohio. behind it, much colder. >> maria, thanks. coming up, our first look at the british nurse that is caught in a prank on the royal family. and prince william and kate devastated after that nurse is believed to have taken her own life. and now the not so funny prank backfiring on the pranksters. >> and the star of a wildly popular song hitting a sour note, now apologizing for comments he made about the united states just days before he is set to meet with president obama. and a new factor complicating
2:12 pm
efforts to reach a deal over the fiscal cliff. the president needs to make the next move. >> it is not going to help our economy, and it is not going to help those seeking work. i came out to put revenues on the table and to take a step toward the president to resolve this. when is he going take a step toward us?
2:13 pm
2:14 pm
2:15 pm
2:16 pm
welcome back and time for a quick check of the head loins. headlines. john mcafee is fighting deportation from guatemala to belize. he is wanted for questioning in the death of a neighbor. he became a millionaire after developing anti-virus software. and former south african president nelson mandela is undergoing testing at a hospital. the 94-year-old hasn't made public appearances for years. and a massive typhoon devastating the philippines has made a u-turn. the storm already killed nearly 600 people, and now it is threatening to mick a second land -- threatening to make a second landfall. greg? president obama asking pong for tens -- asking for tens and billions of dollars. he is calling for $64 billion
2:17 pm
for hard-hit new york and nerming new jersey as well as other states. $37 billion for the victims, recovery and $13 billion in preventive measures in the event of another storm. monday marks six weeks since superstorm sandy slammed into the northeast. thousands of americans still suffering out there in the cold temperatures, and the tempers are flaring over fema's slow response and the lack of housing. >> it is the people in the area that have helped each other. forget red cross. forget all of these other agencies. it was the people that came from all over the united states to help the people. red cross don't deserve credit. they are here now because they are hereafter the fact.
2:18 pm
>> now good news on the horizon, one hopes, for victims needing shelter in new jersey. let's bring in new jersey congressman. thanks for being with us. as i understand it you got off the phone with the administrator yesterday evening. he finally promised by monday to provide some of the temporary housing. you know, the mobile homes and the trailers. but my goodness, everybody knew there were thousands of new jersey residents without a place to live six weeks ago. why would it take fema six weeks to do the obvious? >> they are denying there is still a great need, and there are thousands that need temporary housing. there is a proposal to put 45 units at a closed army base. but maybe two days ago fema was telling me they weren't going to provide the trailers of the other temporary housing. finally i did get the fema
2:19 pm
administrator as you said yesterday to do temporary housing trailers on monday. this is a problem. they need to understand that there are thousands of people who need housing whether it is mobile homes, trailers. there is a great need. >> when you asked them the cry criteria for need and their response, and i am paraphrasing, fema said it is really the person's obligation to go out and get their own rv or mobile home or housing. it is not our obligation to provide them. who at fema told you that? >> there were a number of people who said it. it was in a conference call and there were people from washington and fema people from new jersey. the problem is their attitude is if you have a place to lay your head down you have a home. these people are in a relative's home and they are in with friends and they are in a motel. we had a problem last week where the motel vouchers were
2:20 pm
going to run out and they were going to extend them another two weeks. just because you have a place to put your head down tonight doesn't mean you have a home. we want these trailers to be near where you are rebuilding so your kids can go to the local school and you can rebuild the building process and be a part of the community. >> if it is not the role of fema to provide temporary housing with the trailers and the mobile homes and so forth, why on earth do they have thousands of them at their disposal? by the way, paid for by taxpayers. >> it is a notion that as long as you have a place to stay it is good enough, but it is absurd. >> six weeks. >> has he done a lousy job here in some respects? >> they have done a grued job
2:21 pm
in the aftermath of the storm and i don't want to take away from that. but there is a housing crisis, and it needs to be addressed by them. >> at one point you called the whole thing really disturbing. that's probably an understatement and a kind way of putting it. from day one we were told the housing options were going to be available such as mobile homes, former military bases. it has to be so frustrating and heartbreaking for the people out there who are cold and christmas is approaching and they don't have a place to stay. >> a lot have a place to stay, but it is not an accessible place. you can't expect to stay with your relatives or friends or in a motel for the next year. they need to have a sell my permanent housing while they are rebuilding.
2:22 pm
these are people whose homes are destroyed. they can't stay where they are staying now. >> they say they will get it to you by monday. do you have confidence in that? given their track record over the last six weeks. >> this is what we are doing. we are going contact and have ready the mayors and the local emergency management officials and have them identify where they can put trailers and if they want to have a trailer park in the town and have them identify the people that have the need. i am concerned that they have not done that effectively. >> there are grocery store parking lots and a lot of vai president cay land. they can be done. >> congressman, i know you have been working hard on this and thanks for taking a few moments to speak to us. good luck to us and everybody in new jersey. hetter? >> coming up, new legal questions as hillary clinton prepares to testify on the
2:23 pm
attack in benghazi. coming up, what we can expect. >> and we are getting a look at the british nurse who was the involved in the horrible hoax involving the duchess of cambridge. apparently that nurse took her own life. her picture and the growing backlash against the pranksters. >> and neil kavudo sits down with the last astronaut to step on foot on the moon. >> you were the last human being to touch that surface. how does that make you feel?
2:24 pm
2:25 pm
2:26 pm
2:27 pm
bottom of the hour and time for top of the news. jerry brown a line backer for the practice squad of the dallas cowboys killed in a one-car accident. police arrested his teammate, josh brent, who was driving and allegedly failed a sobriety test at the scene. egyptian authorities
2:28 pm
arresting this man accused of being the ringleader in a terror attack against the american consulate in benghazi. in egypt soldiers reinforcing the wall around the presidential palace amid protests there. yesterday government opponents breached the wall. this as the country's military is warning that it will no the allow egypt to plunder further into physical violence. >> a new wrinkle in the arm wrestling over the looming fiscal cliff. the white house is asking lawmakers to give up their role in authorizing the u.s. government to increase the debt limit. calling it a constitutional issue. he laid out the republican argument. listen. >> we do have some leverage with the debt ceiling increase more than we have right now. right now he has the cards. if nothing happens the debt ceiling goes up automatically. what we are told is the president is thinking about
2:29 pm
what he might be able to do to raise the debt sealing without going congress which would be a huge mistake. it is a constitutional issue. >> let's bring in our political panel. he is a campaign consultant and she is the director of out reach for freedom works and author of backlash. thank you for joining us. >> i want to start with the debt ceiling. for that i have my minute flea constitution which i love pulling out. article one, the congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes, dutiesett set raw to pay the debt and provide for the common defense and general welfare of the united states and barrow money on the credit of the united states. why should the president be allowed to over step the constitution? >> i don't know if that is what he is going to do.
2:30 pm
when you start the constitutionality of something, you are usually dying. i think the republicans have painted themselves on the corner. the president has painted it in the corner. and unfortunately they keep looking for a win for them and a loss for the president. it doesn't really exist. my advice to them would be take the win-win. give the president the win and they take the win and move to the next political battle. >> heather, i don't know what is more outrageous. the fact obama has spent $5 trillion under his watch, the fact he wants unlimited authority with the debt ceiling or the fact we are already over $16 trillion in debt. none of that is good for the country. why in the world would we give obama an open checkbook to run up the debt even more. we need to cut spending and keep the cap in place. joy right now as it stands, the -- >> right now the president's plan calls for 1.6 trillion in tax increases. that's double what was
2:31 pm
previously suggested and 200 billion in new stimulus spending. john what guaranteed cuts is the president offering, guaranteed cuts? >> well, he has already agreed to a trillion before, and he talked about more now. i think we all know economists and business people are cutting their way out of the problem. it is an approach that is cuts to entitlements and tax increases. it is the only way forward. when you think of entitlements almost every penny goes into the economy quickly. if you are talking about cutting entitlements that will have a devastating impact on the economy. >> let me clarify here. everyone agrees the changes in our taxes and entitlement
2:32 pm
cuts. i want to know what guaranteed cuts the president is offering. >> i am not aware of what cuts he has put on the table. let's just look at the consequences as well if the debt ceiling is raised. what if our interest rates were to go up on $16 trillion of debt. think about the implosion of our economy. think about the number of joblesses. job losses. what we can't do is give an open checkbook to raise the debt ceiling. it is not the president's role and thank goodness it is not in the constitution so it is not in this president's role to do so. that's outrageous. >> the president has moved to the middle in entitlement cuts. the thing that is amazing is the republicans you don't really hear them talking about protecting the middle class. his plan doesn't raise taxes 0* 98% of americans, 97% of small businesses. and it is amazing after the
2:33 pm
election we went through with the nominee they had who was clearly not on the side of the middle class that they are not talking about and focused on the middle class. >> john let's talk about what he was does want to raise. the president wants to raise revenue by taxing those making about $250,000 a year or more. that would generate $85 billion a year and according to the treasury department the government spends that amount every eight and a half days. is this purely political for the president since that's what he campaigned on and the first $250,000 they will get a tax cut though. i haven't seen much of the republicans moving to the middle. the president has had some movement and hopefully there will be more from both sides. >> this is a continuation of class warfare. taxes shouldn't go up on anyone. i don't care how much you make. we should not raise taxes in this economy. we should not be in this
2:34 pm
situation. this is like part two of what happened last year with the same ex situation -- the sale situation, raising the debt ceiling. we shouldn't raise taxes, not in this economy. >> i just don't understand this. so senior citizens on medicare and social security sacrifice, but the top one% or 2% don't. you have obama who wants us to go over this cliff and raise ks tays -- raise taxes on everyone and he can blame the republicans on what happened. i think that's the game plan, and i think it is outrageous he is doing this. >> thank you both for joining us. >> thank you. appreciate it. >> and for much more on the fiscal cliff on fox news sunday chris wallace has an exchew sigh sit down with charles schumer and bob corker. that's on fox news sunday. check your local listings for times.
2:35 pm
♪ gangnam style >> a global sensation, if you will now apologizing for his anti-american lyrics. his name is psy in case you didn't know. his style is called gangnam. it is a dance video and the most watched video ever on youtube with 900 million hits. but the south korean singer is saying he is sorry for his past comments criticizing the u.s. military. psy's apology coming days before he is scheduled to perform in front of president obama. new developments in the tragedy involving the prank phone call targeting kate middleton. we are seeing the first picture of the hospital nurse who is believed to have committed suicide. the nurse falling victim to the hoax and revealing confidential information on the royal's condition during
2:36 pm
her pregnancy. after two australian disk jockeys tricked her by pretending to be queen elizabeth and prince charles. >> hello good morning. >> hello there. can i please speak to kate please, my granddaughter. >> yes, just hold on, mum. >> are they putting us through? >> yes. >> those two disk jockeys are facing a growing backlash for their hoax. they were yanked off the air for the prank call, and now the radio station could lose its broadcast license. advertisers are also pulling their ads from the station. this month marks a special anniversary, the last time a man walked on the moon 40 years ago. u.s. astronaut gene sernon had that honor and neil kavudo is anchoring a special on fox. here is just a bit of it. take a listen.
2:37 pm
>> america's challenge is the destiny of tomorrow. >> you were the last human being to touch that surface. how does that make you feel? >> humble. >> we came and god willing we shall return. repeat for all mankind. >> i am convinced that the space program will come back. the country needs to have something to look forward to. something to look up to and to be proud of. what can we do in 10,000 years? look how far we went in 70 years. my grandmother on a farm in michigan had a ring telephone, no electricity, an outhouse, and she watched the first guy
2:38 pm
walk on the moon in her lifetime. >> i would like to see the next generation leave footprints like we have. i hope that happens. >> it is a very moving account of one of america's greatest accomplishments. you can catch the entire documentary fox news reporting , fly me to the moon. it airs this sunday at 9:00 p.m. eastern time right here on fnc. and while nasa's shuttle program has ended, a private colorado firm is trying to change that and go to the moon once again. you can hitch a ride. doug mcelway has that report coming up in the next hour. how the cost of the mission compares to the government's price tag. you can hitch a ride. >> i would like to do that for sure. >> you may need a cool billion dollars. don't want to give it all away. well, an important warning for parents days before christmas. authorities identify thousands of toxic and dangerous toys
2:39 pm
shipped to the u.s. what you need to know to keep your kids safe. >> and judge janeen piero weighs in in the legal issues of secretary of state hillary clinton's house testimony and the terror attacks in benghazi. senator clinton took responsibility for the apparent lack of security at the consulate in the weeks following the incident. >> well, i am responsible for the state department for the more than 60,000 people around the world. the decisions about security assets are made by security professionals.
2:40 pm
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2:43 pm
35,000 dangerous toys seized this holiday season. it could pose a danger to children. agents in california are confiscating important rubber ducks decorated for the holidays. the toys contain high levels of a particular chemical that
2:44 pm
could make your child very sick. they have been shipped in from china. and also some other toys as well obviously. a new legal battle is shaping up on capitol hill involving a terrorist attack in the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya on september 11th. lawmakers are trying to get to the bo the tom of what happened happened -- get to the bo bottom of what happened. it left four americans dead including the u.s. ambassador chris stevens. now the spotlight will return to the secretary of state hillary clinton. a top republican lawmaker says she will heavy at her committee's hearing on the terror attacks. >> we are hopeful that this investigation leading to this arrest and maybe others because it is not a a one-person operation and will finally get justice for the four brave americans who lost their lives and in this terrorist attack in benghazi, and we are pleased that secretary clinton will be
2:45 pm
coming before our committee. >> legal challenges -- what legal challenges could secretary clinton be facing? anytime somebody appears before congress under oath you have to be careful. if if evidence surfaces or documents come to life that be lie your testimony, you are talking about contempt of congress and perjury. >> if you lie to congress and you are under oath bees -- oath you will face consequences. >> hillary clinton has just now agreed to testify before the house committee. what is she testifying about? what she is testifying about is accountability review board report that is coming out next week. and she is going to talk about what the findings and the recommendation of the report are. what does that tell you? that tells you that was a
2:46 pm
negotiation as to what she was going to testify about. the report was done and the state department says give as you report and whoa will testify before congress on the findings. >> is she like an inspector general? here is what went wrong and who screwed up. >> here is the thing, greg. think about when she makes a decision to testify after we have her testifying and oversight and government reform, and after the cia, the dod and everyone else has issued their time line. and they say now m why going to give you my two cents. now you have heard everything and if you limit it to the report of the people that she engaged to write a report, what are her risks? >> james clapper is the director of national intelligence and he has contridicted himself before congress. now when you do that. >> he may be in trouble. you know what, when he went
2:47 pm
back and forth on these statements who took the word al-qaeda out and that kind of thing, somebody had to take the fall here. you know the president was not going to let susan rice do. it she went on national television and said what every one of us knew not to be true. there is someone who had to take the fall. >> four people here were killed. and there is an abundance of evidence that those people and others in benghazi warned the state department and the u.s. government that their lives were in danger. they begged for help. they begged for protection. it was not given. a lawyer would grab on to this and say wait a minute. this could be wrongful death. >> there is no question. we have been covering this on my show for the last two months with respect to the failure to send in help and the lying to the american public. but there is a statute out that allows for the suing of the government. we were talking about this,
2:48 pm
the federal tort claims act. if the united states government knew or should have known and was reckless with the lives of americans they might beheld accountable. but i will tell you what, greg, when is the last time you saw something in washington work? >> that's a contridiction in terms. that's an oxymoron. you can catch justice with judge janeen here on the fox newschannel. check it out, heather? coming up, in the debate over the fiscal cliff deal, which side is winning the public opinion war? who most americans say gets the message. ♪
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♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] while you're getting ready for the holidays, we're getting ready for you. tis the season. for food, for family, and now, something extra -- for you.
2:52 pm
cliff approaching who is winning the messaging war? >> according to a new rase -- rasmusson poll, americans will insist on spending cuts and 40% think president obama will insist on only tax increases. let's bring in scott rasmusson from rasmusson reports. take us behind the numbers. what do you see here? >> the reason they are losing
2:53 pm
the war is they think it is about deficit reduction. they think it won't lead to serious deficit reduction. the president is talking about a fairness issue. since the republicans aren't engaging on that, he is winning. >> so what about raising taxes? president obama is standing firm on his position to raise taxes on the nation's top earners. how do people feel about that? joy they like that idea. -- >> they like that idea. 52% want a caned de who agrees. and the republicans are struggling with the opposition to all tax increase position. i think the most telling number is that a majority of americans want taxes to go up on the americans and one in five think it is too much to reduce the deficit. they reduce the tax hikes not for deficit reduction, but because it is the best thing to do. >> at a time when the american public is sort of expecting the deficits to get cut, the president comes out with his offer and he wants next year $50 billion in new stimulus
2:54 pm
spending. how do voters feel about additional spending? >> they think it is nuts. only money teen% think it is a good idea to reduce spending. this is very consistent with a long-held american belief to lower -- that the lower government spending will improve the economy. joy so the fiscal cliff we are zeroing down about three weeks now to go. january 1st. do people believe a middle class tax cut deal is likely dism -- is likely? >> if nothing happens and the congress and the president don't reach a deal, a little spending will actually grow slower than it was planned to. and middle class taxes will go up. six out of 10 people say if a deal is reached, middle class taxes will go up anyhow and they don't expect to see spending cuts. there is a lot of skepticism, and even if there is a tax hike of any kind in this
2:55 pm
people don't think it will reduce the deficit. they think it will be spent on new programs. >> the consumer confidence survey out of michigan just came out. but you have your own consumer confidence. talk to us about that. >> we measure consumer confidence every day. right now the confidence levels are about as high as they have been in the last four years. a little higher than we saw earlier in the year this. is a big reason president obama was re-elected. and on our daily tracking, the highest single day of consumer confidence in the last four years was two days before the election. >> interesting. scott rasmusson, thanks very much. >> thanks, scott. that will do it for us. rick and arthel will take over at the top of the hour. >> we will see you here at 4:00 p.m. eastern. be sure to join us. >> bye-bye. have a great weekend, everyone.
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2:59 pm
hello, everyone. welcome to a brand-new hour in america's news headquarters. >> on top of the news this hour, another tragedy is striking the nfl today. the latest on a dallas cowboy player
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